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  • Is your school district potentially violating federal privacy laws by using cloud computing services?  How well do you know your school’s obligations to protect student data?  To assist your district’s review it use of online education services, SLRMA has prepared its School District Use of Cloud Computing Services: Self-Audit Checklist and Best Practices.  Download and use it today.
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SLRMA is proud to be your partner and a primary source for your School Boards’ risk management needs. Our information portal is full of essential, timely, and mission-critical tools to help preserve the financial resources and ensure the success of your school districts.

Members should go to the Newsroom to check the most recent information we have collected and analyzed for your benefit. In this section, members can access the checklists and self-audits essential to your annual due diligence.

School District Use of Cloud Computing Services:
Self-Audit Checklists and Best Practices

This checklist is intended to help your school avoid potentially damaging liability arising out of your district's policies and procedures regarding the use of cloud computing services with vendors.  Just recently, the U.S. Department of Education sent out a white paper on the use of cloud computing services and the federal law requiring schools to protect student information.  Schools are facing numerous and varied claims that result from a improper use of cloud computing.  Moreover, the U.S. Department of Education is auditing various schools to determine whether schools are adequately protecting their students’ data.  Now is the time to download this checklist to evaluate your school district’s use of cloud computing. 

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  • February 2014
  • Schools are using various methods to discipline students. However, improper and sometimes dangerous methods of discipline are leading to tragic results and liability. Recently, Munich Re published its white paper on the use of Restraint and Seclusion in Schools to outline the principles a school should use in developing policies and procedures on the use of discipline.
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