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2019 Q4 SLRMA Newsletter - Is Your School District Ready for the 2020 Fair Labor Standards Regulations
2019 Q3 SLRMA Newsletter - If Gun Violence Comes to Your School Will Your Security Plan be Bulletproof
2019 Q2 SLRMA Newsletter - When Rituals Go Wrong How School Districts Can Prevent and Respond to Hazing
2019 Q1 SLRMA Newsletter - Is Your District Ready for When, Not If, #MeToo Comes to School?
2018 Q4 SLRMA Newsletter - Is Your District Adequately Sheltering the Rights of Homeless Students?
2018 Q3 SLRMA Newsletter - Educating Undocumented Students: Are Your Policies in Line with Current Immigration Laws?
2018 Q2 SLRMA Newsletter - Students with Disabilities: Can Your School District Avoid Legal Missteps?
2018 Q1 SLRMA Newsletter - Protecting Transgender Students: Does Your School Have the Right Policies in Place?
2017 Q4 SLRMA Newsletter - School Employee First Amendment Rights – Will Your District be Embroiled in the Next Free Speech Controversy?
2017 Q3 SLRMA Newsletter - Out-of-School Suspension: Will Your School District’s Due Process Procedures Stand up in Court?
2017 Q2 SLRMA Newsletter - The Dark Side of Cloud Computing. Is Your Student Data the Next Target?
2017 Q1 SLRMA Newsletter - With Liberty and Online Access for All: Is Your School District’s Electronic Technology Compliant?
2016 Q4 SLRMA Newsletter - Managing the 21st Century Data EXPLOSION, Don’t Let One Mouse-Click Land Your District in Hot Water
2016 Q3 SLRMA Newsletter - Under FLSA, Fair Play is Fair Pay, Don’t Let the New Fair Labor Regulations Catch Your District Flat-footed
2016 Q2 SLRMA Newsletter - Navigating the Intellectual Property Ocean, While Providing Knowledge to Students, Is Your School District Pirating the Intellectual Property of Others?
2016 Q1 SLRMA Newsletter - Practical Guidance on Complying with The ADA and Section 504 Part II
2015 Q3 SLRMA Newsletter - Department of Justice and the Office for Civil Rights Target Schools for Violating the ADA and Section 504
2015 Q2 SLRMA Newsletter - Don’t Let Your ELL Policies and Curriculum Get Lost in Translation!!
2015 Q1 SLRMA Newsletter - Don’t Let Your School Become the Target of Federal Investigations and Lawsuits Over Your Bullying and Harassment Policies.
2014 Q4 SLRMA Newsletter - Are Your Enrollment Policies Regarding Undocumented Students Subjecting Your School District to Potential Liability?
2014 Q3 SLRMA Newsletter - Does Your School Maintain a Level Playing Field?
2014 Q2 SLRMA Newsletter - Are you Addressing the Needs of Your Transgender Students?
2014 Q1 SLRMA Newsletter - School District Cloud Computing: Silver Lining or Thunderhead
2013 Q4 SLRMA Newsletter - The Whole World is Watching, Social Media Part II
2013 Q3 SLRMA Newsletter - Student Social Media: A Pandora’s Box of Potential Liability
2013 Q2 SLRMA Newsletter - Avoid Overtime Headaches by Reviewing Your School’s Compliance with The Fair Labor Standards Act.
2013 Q1 SLRMA Newsletter - Disciplining Students with Disabilities
2012 Q2 SLRMA Newsletter - Don’t Aid and Abet Potential Discrimination Claims when Using Criminal Background Checks in Your Hiring Practices
2012 Q1 SLRMA Newsletter - Will The Office of Civil Rights Send Your School District to the Penalty Box For A Failure to Comply with Title IX?
2011 Q3 SLRMA Newsletter - Will A Substitute Teacher Give Your District A Crash Course On Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Liability?
2011 Q2 SLRMA Newsletter - Is Our School District in Compliance with FLSA?
2011 Q1 SLRMA Newsletter - Bullying: A real threat to your school district and all of your students!
2010 Q4 SLRMA Newsletter - Are you ready for your ELL Program Investigation?
2010 Q2 SLRMA Newsletter - How Does Your School District Define Sexual Harassment?
2010 Q1 SLRMA Newsletter - Don’t get hit with an FLSA Lawsuit
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